Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I missed my flight!!

I missed my flight from Bangalore like an idiot... I had to buy new tickets and fly from bangalore and cost me a bomb 5k. But overall visit to bangalore was extremely fruitful... I met most of my friends that i had in my schedule, sad that i couldn't meet raji and Vijayram.

Actually not in a mood to blog... all that i wanted to let you know guys was "marriage anniversary" went very well..i went on an outing on sat with vajid and my name twin "Vinay".

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going home

This sixteenth i am going home for 3 days, It's indeed a special occasion for me as my parents would be celebrating their 25th Anniversary... I haven't told them that i am going to be there as it is a surprise visit. I am thinking to arrange a party at kamat... let's see how it goes.

Also, I am quite confused whom to meet and whom not to; as I would be there only for 3 days... I just have half a day to do all my shopping and packing the baggage. Quite excited and also tensed as no one is here at office to back me up with the work I do..

God father is going to be at SF the same time and he would be back after a week.. Charu is would not have any one to accompany her for coffee and so is the same with my weekend food friend neha..

I am very much upset about Bangalore challengers (My fav dravid team) not making good impression at IPL. I am buying SLR camera so that i can start my photography (well... it's just amateur) back again..

more once i come back...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Delhi - Heigths

It's been 6 months i have been in Delhi... came here with lotta dreams to achieve and indeed it has been great journey so far... Initially felt like an alien and now I am a part of this great city who doesn't want to go back..

This is my first blog and i want to talk about few frens who have been close to me, helped me and listen to all the crap in 6 months... I want to talk about my 1st fren vishwas... met him at CP and indeed became so called "frens foreva", thanks a ton bhavya. To let you he was my school mate and neither of us remember that. Anyways, that's not what i want to talk..In last 2 months after getting "black horse(avenger)" from Bangalore. I have traveled Delhi extensively...none the less most of the time with vishwas...Sad that he is going back this 16th.

In midst of all these...being a coffee freak I met harish at CCD East of kailash... if you guys are some where close to east of kailash, I solely recommend his "double shot cappuccino", believe me he his the master of it!!! He is a true gentle man who has a flair for customer service. Very happy to say he is my fren.

Now i wanna talk about my 2 office frens, One is my boss "Vikas aurora".. He is the indian version of "Marlon Brando-Vito Corleone". He made sure that i don't miss my dad. These days charu keeps reminding that.... charu is my other fren at office, you can in fact call her as my "coffee fren". We make sure that we drink at least 4 cups of coffee together even though our work timings don't sync...

All together i am enjoying my delhi life... "delhi - heights".

Vinay Kumar