Monday, September 22, 2008

Confused citizen

It’s been some time that I blogged, I always wonder why dreams keep popping? Is it to inspire you? Give you new ideas? And why some dreams repeat? There are some times I have dreamt and that actually happens in few days, you may realize that what is happening is today was foreseen in your dream sometime. Sometimes, I feel that I am left out of crowd because I can’t sing. Is singing is something that is mandatory art that everyone should learn? Honestly, I get bogged down because of attitude that people have about music. I love music as much as others do and truth is not every song impresses me, it’s the lyrics which impresses me most of the time.

These days few issues keeps bothering me, this hype of outsourcing, making few bucks working in night and giving a false impression to everyone that I am happy doing this job. Why have we become slaves to third world countries? We always blame our country for poverty, population and unemployment. There are many countries where man power is a problem like Canada. It’s just that we are not using the man power right way. Why is our country lacking in research and development? It’s because we have always been parrots to recite what is there in textbook. Let’s image our universities having incubation centers who would prepare future scientists, Govt. should fund the projects done by our students. I know poverty is our biggest enemy. Every multinational bank wants to exploit this country. We have been looted by everyone from the times of babar, Columbus and now exploitation by organization for cheap labor. We still feel India is improving because we have brands like levi, lee and what not! Most of people are sleeping with ignorance. I don’t blame Govt. I blame every parent of this nation who wants their child to study medicine and technology. Don’t they understand technology and medicine is a subset of pure science? Leave science now people around us think studying arts and commerce is for someone who scores fewer marks in schools. Days are not far where would have medicines and computer hard disk for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We also have another set of crowd who wants to use terrorism to foster the growth of their religion this country. There is another religion who wants to sponsor the education and raise funds to improve the living standards of people which will result in conversion. Another religion which is struggling to keep up the culture and indigenousness.

All I can say is “Krishna nee begane baro… comes back as ……..”

Thursday, September 4, 2008